Engine Service

Who Offers Engine Service in Fort Mill, SC?

Turn to Brothers' Auto Tech for engine, service, repair and replacement services

Uh-oh, your check engine light just came on. There could be a myriad of things wrong with your engine, and you should have it checked out and repaired as soon as possible. When you’re experiencing engine trouble, Brothers' Auto Tech of Fort Mill, SC is the company to call. We can service, repair, or replace engines and transmissions in any make or model of vehicle.

Dial 803-547-8600 now to schedule engine repair service.

3 signs your engine is needing service

3 signs your engine is needing service

When your engine malfunctions, it’s not always very obvious. Here are a few indicators that your engine needs professional attention:

  1. You’ve noticed a drop in fuel efficiency- less MPGs!
  2. You have trouble getting your vehicle up to right speed
  3. Your exhaust contains black or deep blue smoke- small or large amounts

Leave the engine service and repair to the experts at Brothers' Auto Tech.