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I have been a customer of Brother's Auto Tech for five years with a total of 4 automobiles (3 we still own and 1 was totaled in an accident). Honestly, I wouldn't go anywhere else. No company has ever taken better care of us and our cars. Their goal is to keep your car in the best shape possible. I hate having car problems and thankfully, they do an amazing job keeping me updated on any needed repairs and in what time frame they need to be completed. On occasion, they have even showed me on my car exactly what the problem was. As a mother of four children, safety is of up-most importance. They have made me aware of future repairs BEFORE I end stranded on the side of the road. I have never felt that they were just "after my money", as I have questioned other repair shops in the past. Our oldest car is a 2005 and has 212,000 miles. I don't want another car payment and higher car insurance. Brother's has ensured that my car stays in tip top shape so that I can keep my car as long as possible.

Natalie B.

via Better Business Bureau

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